Does anyone else feel like the end of January couldn’t come sooner? As though the slow drag of night turning to day mimics the dying levels of motivation that most of us had at the beginning of the month? (Don’t worry, it’s okay to admit it.)

For many across the globe, the start of a new year means an opportunity to do better, be better. A chance to start anew, work harder, lose weight, get that promotion. And with those goals comes the need for a lot of effort and determination. Combined with the lack of sun, having to go back to work/school and the dawning realization of the sheer amount of chocolate you ate over the holidays, January can be extremely tough for many. The reality for many of us is that we try our hardest from the 1st to the 7th  and then get ill with a winter cold or find some excuse to take a break from achieving our goals and then never pick them back up. I myself am writing this in bed, surrounded by snotty tissues and empty vitamin C drinks, trying to remind myself that sunny weather is not too far around the corner.

If you resonate with anything I’ve just said, know that you are not alone. January is so difficult and for many we’re just trying to get through it. Cling tight to your loved ones and be a little kinder to yourself for the remainder of this month. By the last day of February, the sun will be rising 53 minutes later than the last day of January!