The Combined Cadet Force Association is a youth club run by a hierarchy (ranks) which can teach a number of lessons, for example, resistance, respect, discipline, endurance, and many more sessions. It offers multiple opportunities to its cadets, so participating in the C.C.F provides a one-in-a-lifetime experience that goes beyond traditional academic learning, preparing individuals for different aspects of life.

It is made up of sections: Royal Air Force, Royal Navy/Marines, as well as the Army. Each section has its own focus and key objectives which can make people team up to work on new difficult challenges leading to friends, along with the training targets that aid in your skills and confidence. The volunteer service can also look great for future applications to schools or universities.

C.C.F can promote personal growth through leadership skills, working as a team, and resilience building. By cadets being involved in activities, this teaches self-discipline and determination helping a strong work ethic and taking responsibility. This commits to character development and teaches the person a diverse set of skills and experiences.

In the Combined Cadet Force, they do regular physical exercises through a variety of activities/training to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For example, adventure training, drills, field exercises, and much more! This encourages resilience/patience outdoors in the field or learning about rifles/principles indoors.