Low-income households will continue to receive help with their council tax payments.

Brighton and Hove City Council has agreed to carry on with its council tax reduction scheme from April 2024.

It means discounts for some 19,200 claimants.

The council also said it is committed to "uplifting" earnings thresholds with the changes to the national living wage to ensure the scheme offers support in real terms.

At the moment, the scheme provides discounts of over £22 million to low-income households across the city, with a maximum discount of 82 per cent.

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Residents qualify for the support if their income and savings fall below a specific level or if they receive certain benefits.

The council has also pledged to safeguard the discretionary care leaver relief scheme which offers council tax rebates worth around £204,000 to about 170 people.

The support lasts until they turn 25 and covers up to 100 per cent of their council tax.

Council leader Bella Sankey said: "Rents, mortgages and household bills are at an all-time high and we know that residents in Brighton and Hove are struggling.

"So we are proposing ringfencing our level of real terms support for low-income households across the city with their council tax.

"Council tax is a priority bill, so if you are in receipt of benefits or a low-income household and think you might be eligible, I would encourage anyone to apply for our scheme via the council tax reduction pages on our website.

"We are facing the toughest ever budget for Brighton and Hove City Council, far worse than in any previous year.

"However, we are committed to ensuring that our city doesn’t become any more unequal and that we support families on low incomes as much as we can so that household income can be spent on heating, eating and other essentials."