A frightened kitten abandoned in a box near the River Arun is making a good recovery.

The four-month-old was found by a passerby last month and taken to Stellar Vets, in Anchor Springs, Littlehampton.

The cat, named Ebby, is now being cared for at Worthing Cat Welfare Trust.

Joss Loader, who chairs the trust, said: "She's now with one of our lovely, caring penholders and is doing really well.

"She purrs and rolls over, she's a really lovely little cat and growing in confidence, despite her ordeal. 

"We have called her Ebby which means brave or strong."

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When Ebby was found, an appeal was put out for her owners to come forward. As no one has, she is now being cared for before she is ready for adoption.

People can keep an eye out for updates on Ebby and other cats at https://www.worthingcatwelfaretrust.org/cats-available-now/.

The Argus: Ebby is now making good progress and is a lovely kitten

Ms Loader said: "It goes without saying, that dumping any defenceless animal is morally and legally unacceptable.

"We will always help where we can. Like all charities, we rely on donations to carry out our work, and we thank all our donors for your ongoing generosity and compassion.

"We couldn't do it without public support."