MARK GORDON repeatedly asked for chicken, crisps and ginger beer when asked by police whether his baby was alive.

Dramatic footage showing the moment that Gordon and his girlfriend Constance Marten were arrested also showed him being questioned about where his newborn baby was.

Bodycam footage from a police officer showed the couple by the side of Golf Drive in Brighton after a nationwide hunt for them which lasted nearly two months.

In the footage, shown to the jury at the Old Bailey, Sussex Police Sergeant Rob Button can be heard telling Marten and Gordon that he believes they “may have been in national news”.

The video showed police comparing Marten with a picture on their phones.

After being arrested at around 9.35pm on February 27 last year, Gordon collapsed to the floor and began eating food they bought from a convenience store.

He continued saying: “Let me eat, let me eat. Let me have my food".

Marten added: "Leave him alone, let him eat please.”

PS Button and other police officers asked Marten where her child was. She did not answer.

On the arrest, PS Button said: "She [Marten] smelt unclean and unwashed.

"Certain people in the homeless community have a stale smell to them.

"This was a very similar smell."

He said Gordon smelt similar.

More footage showed Police Constable Matthew Colburn repeatedly asking where the child is and whether the baby is alive.

Gordon asked the officers for food and drink, saying he is "really thirsty".

The court also heard that Gordon was given chicken slices, ginger beer and crisps while detained by officers.

When Gordon asked for mayonnaise to go with his chicken, the officer replied: “We are not going to make you a sandwich, we need to work out where your child is, mate.”

PC Colburn said: "I quickly came to the realisation that they might not have eaten for days, weeks or even months.

"It was the humane thing to do."

Gordon is later heard shouting to Marten: "I love you babe for ever. For ever and ever and more."

Marten and Gordon were both interviewed and asked where their baby was.

The jury was shown footage of Marten being interviewed in the back of a police car and Gordon being interviewed in custody.

Neither told police where their daughter was in these interviews.

Marten, 36, wearing a pink cardigan, and Gordon, 49, in a blue shirt and tie, followed the footage on monitors in the dock. They continued to exchange glances and whisper to each other.

They are on trial accused of gross negligence manslaughter, concealing the birth of a child, child cruelty, allowing the death of a child and perverting the course of justice. They deny all charges.

Their baby daughter, named Victoria, was found dead in Brighton on March 1 after spending much of her life in a Lidl carrier bag.

The court heard how Marten and Gordon were arrested after a seven-week manhunt during which they travelled from Northumberland to the South Downs.

The couple are believed to have camped on the Downs after previously visiting Newhaven, Liverpool and London.

The trial continues.