Marathon bosses have replaced a popular children's race with a fun run for all ages.

The Brighton Marathon Weekend will kick off with the new Brighton Miles event, rebranding the former Mini Mile race with new runs.

There will be special waves for people with disabilities, women and girls and neurodivergent people as race bosses hope to get more people taking part.

The Argus: The Mini Mile kicks off the Brighton Marathon weekendThe Mini Mile kicks off the Brighton Marathon weekend (Image: Kevin Meredith)

Joe Carter, event lead for the Brighton Marathon Weekend, said: “The Brighton Miles are bright, exciting and celebrate the creativity and diversity of the city. 

"This event sets the tone for what we want the Brighton Marathon Weekend to be: welcoming, vibrant and fun.

"Enjoying exercise together is the core of this event so we’ve worked to ensure there’s something for everyone and we can’t wait for the Brighton community to come along and join us on Saturday, April 6.”

The Brighton Miles, to beheld in Preston Park, will be free to enter for everyone and every finisher will receive a souvenir medal.

Entries opened on February 1 with 16 different runs across age groups, genders and running styles.