A Sussex location was named among the UK's top 20 most depressing towns to live in for 2024.

Crawley ended up being ranked in 10th spot in the annual list from iLiveHere which aims to find the worst places to live in the UK.

However, for 2024 they took a slightly different approach to the list as they want to find the 'most depressing' towns around Britain rather than just the worst places to live.

Discussing the creation of the list, the website wrote: "This year we have done something a little different. We wanted to highlight those towns that sap the residents [sic] will to live.

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"Bland, boring, soulless, uncultured middle-England municipalities of mediocrity, that imbue the inhabitants with an almost terminal case of ennui and you delivered.

"The top 20 most depressing towns in Britain, as voted for by you, is here and were the results a shock."

The Argus: Crawley was the only Sussex location in the top 20 listCrawley was the only Sussex location in the top 20 list (Image: The Argus)

In total, just under 200 places were put up for nomination, which were then voted on by the public, with the full list being available on the website here.

What did iLiveHere have to say about Crawley?

In a brief comment on Crawley, iLiveHere wrote: "A-ha-ha creepy Crawley. The town that the rest of West Sussex would prefer was in Surrey. A town that makes Horsham look hip and happening!"

Reviews of Crawley have been critical of the town, citing a variety of issues such as poverty, crime and a lack of infrastructure.

However, it was only a few years ago it was recommended as one of the best places to move to in the UK by mortgage broker RM Mortgage Solutions.

Factors for its attractiveness included great transport links, access to areas of outstanding natural beauty and relaxed nature, which may give it cause for not being featured among the worst towns in the UK.

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Crawley was also featured on the iLiveHere top 50 worst places to live in the UK for 2023, ranking in 24th position, and was the only Sussex town to feature on the top 20 list for 2024.

Thousands of readers voted on the poll, which chose Falmouth in Cornwall as the most depressing town for 2024.

Other locations in the top 10 included Peterborough, Aberdeen, Alloa, Tiverton, Yeovil and Portsmouth.