A homeowner says he made nearly £6,500 through his side hustle – renting out his parking space.

Gary Jones began renting out his parking space in 2021 after moving into his Brighton flat.

After renting the space for £21 a day he says he made thousands and regrets the years it sat empty.

Gary, 52, said: "I was so surprised how much it made last year.

"I'm very happy with the situation - I joke I should try to buy the space next door too!

"Now, If I were to ever move to a new place I'd look for one with a parking space even though I don't drive."

The Argus: Gary's parking spaceGary, the director of a language school, began renting his space as a “low-maintenance side hustle” in 2021 through parking website YourParkingSpace.

The site allows you to rent your parking space to other motorists for a small fee.

Gary says that he made £6,462 from the side hustle in 2023.

He said he was always aware central Brighton was a difficult place to park, but was unaffected by it.

But when the bookings started rolling in, he invested a "few hundred pounds" installing a bollard and lockbox.

Apart from the odd bit of weeding and occasional phone call from a customer who struggling to find the spot tucked down a one-way road, the side huddle manages itself.

The space is sometimes rented by concertgoers staying overnight at hotels without parking.

Gary, who goes the extra mile by texting bookers to check they arrived safely, said sometimes he gets tradesmen too who recommend him to others.

He said: "It's word of mouth - if you come for a weekend and the service is good, they recommend it to their family and friends."

While Gary earns enough from his full-time job, he said the extra income helps with extra financial pressure due to inflation.