A mum has told of her shock after a soft play area hosted a party for adults dressed as babies.

Wild Wonderland is a play centre for children aged zero to 12 years old, but on December 2 it was hired for an event advertised on a fetish website.

“A space themed soft play exclusively open to all age players. SoLittles, Middles, Carers, Mummies, Daddies, Siblings, Furries, Kittens, Puppies, their handlers and wet only ABDL,” the advert on Fetlife read.

The over-25s event offered a “nappy change room”, baby food and “a lovely story time” with milk and biscuits, but organisers reminded attendees to bring their own nappies and wipes.

Bosses at the play centre, in Chartwell Road, Lancing, said that it understands an adult dressing in a nappy “is not socially accepted by many”, but it was not until “after the first event we were made aware of the community’s link to fetish and kink groups”. Plans for a second event were then cancelled.

But a furious mum, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “I don’t really care what people do, but it’s just inappropriate to do it in a place where children go. They have taken the choice away from me.

“How many bodily fluids are going to be on the things in there? That’s an awful thing to have to ask myself."

Organisers stated they operated a strict “no wet accidents” rule and banned nudity, sexual acts, BDSM/fetish clothes and faeces.

Wild Wonderland said it was assured the event was not of a sexual nature and would be advertised on encrypted instant messaging service Telegram.

A spokesman said: “From this and further discussions, we could not see this being an issue. Yes, we thought about what people would think about it but from the above description, there was nothing untoward about it.  Who are we to judge and discriminate?

“Due to the sensitivity of the event, we spoke to a select number of staff about it to ask if they would be comfortable to work behind the café. The majority of staff were not aware of the event taking place. 

“Any mistreatment of our staff related to this, inside or outside of the workplace will be taken seriously and escalated through the relevant authorities.

“The staff who worked felt happy they had given a non-judgemental safe space to people to be who they want to be. Then, like at the end of all our working days, everything was cleaned, and sanitised. It was by no means a kink/fetish party. It was a regressive play session.

“After the first event we were made aware of the community’s link to fetish and kink groups.

“Although the event was not at all sexual, kinky or fetish based, we were very aware it could make customers feel uncomfortable, something that we never want to do.

"We spoke to the hirer who agreed that people could make those connections and gave them time to cancel,  also allowing the administrative time involved in cancellations/refunds."


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“We would like to add that there are many soft play venues that offer adult-only nights and that have alcohol licenses and adults use their facilities weekly. There is not much difference between the two other than one is more socially accepted and the other is not. 

“We are aware that there have been comments about cleanliness after the event and we want to reassure our customers again that nothing untoward happened.

“The event itself was just like any other play session albeit adults, any suggestion otherwise is just not factual.”