An episode of BBC show Call The Midwife was recently filmed at a Sussex beach.

Cast and crew of the popular medical TV drama visited West Wittering to film scenes in September last year when Storm Agnes hit the coastline.

Despite the worst of the weather, crew managed to film all their scenes, which even included going into the water.

The scenes shot on the beach aired on February 4 in season 13, episode five.

A spokesman for Call The Midwife shared behind-the-scenes footage of cast and crew filming in the stormy weather.

The Argus: The scenes were filmed during Storm Agnes

Max Macmillan and Jane Apsion were among the actors at the beach.

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A spokesman for Call The Midwife said: "When our team arrived in West Wittering in September to film our beach scenes, they were met with rather challenging weather.

"A storm arrived in Britain, and - as viewers will know - when a storm is given a name, it doesn't usually bode well for sunshine.

"This one was named Agnes and it was certainly a challenge to work in.

The Argus: Jane Apsion, who plays Violet, was in mostly pink for the beach scenes

"Location filming is an expensive and highly logistical enterprise.

"It can't simply be changed or cancelled at a moment's notice. So in the TV and film industry, one learns to make the best with the weather one has.

"As the week progressed we managed to get a bit of a break in the weather, which really helped - because little April Rae Hoang (May) had to do her water scenes.

"She was an absolute delight to work with - good-humoured and focused throughout, although we did have to keep those freezing water shots to a minimum for the poor girl!

The Argus: Max Macmillan plays Timothy Turner in the popular BBC drama

"And a special shout-out to the brilliant young actor Danielle Waterman who played May's body double in those freezing waves!

"Danielle was a real trooper, and she received a well-deserved round of applause from the whole team for stepping into those freezing waves time and again to complete the scene."

The episode is available to stream on BBC IPlayer.