A map shows the exact location of bus lane cameras across the city.

According to data received from a Freedom of Information request submitted to Brighton and Hove City Council, there are 37 operational bus lane cameras across Brighton and Hove.

The data shows exactly where these are located.

According to the information, Marine Drive on the A259 has over four cameras to catch out drivers incorrectly using the bus lanes between Brighton and Newhaven.

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Roads in the city centre are also equipped with these cameras, including North Street, Western Road, Eastern Road and London Road.

Some can also be found in the Preston Road and Lewes Road bus lanes.

Some of the cameras that are able to catch people out are the ones around the Old Steine and Pool Valley.

In 2020, Brighton and Hove City Council introduced new number plate cameras to Valley Gardens, just north of the Old Steine.

This included a new bus lane with camera enforcement.

The council said at the time: “You may receive a penalty charge notice if you ignore the restrictions.”

Fines for using bus lanes were then also introduced elsewhere in the city and continue to be in operation.

In 2022, 38,514 penalty charge notices (PCNs) were given to motorists who drove in the York Place bus gate, which was equivalent to 39 per cent of all PCNs issued in the entire country.

More fines were given out to drivers in York Place than any other at an average of 106 penalties per day.

Brighton and Hove City Council said on their website that bus lanes are in place to help improve travel across the city.

The council website reads: "Bus services are a fundamental part of the city's transport system and we need to ensure that bus lanes and corridors are free from unauthorised vehicles so that buses can provide a reliable, efficient and attractive service to the city's residents and visitors."