A Grammy award winner will be performing next month at an album release party.

Alex Metric, who produced Dua Lipa's track Electricity, will be playing in Brighton as part of the launch on March 1.

The party, at The Brighton Electric venue in Lewes Road, will celebrate the release of an album by Tom Beaufoy, also now know as EVL Tom.

The 50-year-old, who was part of Evil Nines, will be going solo as he celebrates the release of his debut album Absolute Melt.

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The DJ and producer is known for his influence on UK breakbeat culture.

More information on the event and how to get tickets can be found at https://neighbourhoodstore.co.uk/products/evl-tom.

Other artists set to perform include DJ Rich File who was in the band UNKLE.

The artists were once connected or released on Brighton dance music label Marine Parade and have not played together for over a decade.

EVL Tom said: "It’s my 50th birthday (well it was my birthday) and it’s my album launch day ( it’s called “ absolute melt “ ) and what I would really like is to see all my friends in one place dancing to really good music . So I'm putting on a party so that I can make it happen."