Bags of "cat litter" and "nappies" have been left by dog waste bins.

Crawley Borough Council has said that it will begin to investigate reports of this around the town and could even issue fines.

The council said that this is because it is classed as "littering" and has been affecting council services.

Dog waste bins could also be removed from areas if this continues, the council has warned. 

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A spokesman for Crawley Borough Council said: "We are finding an increasing amount of large bags of cat litter, nappies and other bags of rubbish in or near to the dog bins in your neighbourhood.

"Dog bins are for dog waste only.

"It is proving problematic with misuse and impacting on collection times and our resources.

"Household dog waste and cat litter should be double bagged and disposed of in your rubbish bin.

"We aim to empty every dog waste bin in Crawley at least once a week.

"If a bin is found to be full or overflowing, please dispose of it in your rubbish bin at home.

"Leaving a bag(s) outside of a bin is classed as littering and will be investigated, possibly leading to fines and the removal of the dog bin within your area."

The council has thanked people for their support and has urged people to instead use their own bins or book a trip to the recycling centre when necessary.