A used car parts business has closed down and relocated.

Hove Car Spares closed down its Portslade branch in Wellington Road earlier this month.

The family business has now moved some of its services to Poynings.

Calvin Oram, who has been in the business for 40 years and is now owner of the Hove Car Spares at Forge Garage, in Poynings Road, said the original branch was sold by his dad Robert Oram.

Robert, 80, sold the premises due to high business rates and the need for future building works.

The business had been in the building for almost 30 years.

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Calvin, 46, said: "My father sold the property in Portslade as it needed rebuilding and the cost of the business rates just didn't stack up.

"It was very sad moving from Portslade. Storage Mart purchased the large part of the building the year before as a two-part sale.

"We remained in the shop and yard for the last year but the second part of the sale all happened so quickly.

"I now own and run Hove Car Spares Forge Garage Poynings.

"We offer a full garage services and pride ourselves with a good old-fashioned service and pricing with modern technology and mechanics."

The new garage will purchase and collect vehicles, however they will not be able to dismantle them on site like they did at the previous branch.

They will repair vehicles where possible at this Poynings garage.

Calvin said the team "saved a lot of non-hazardous parts" from the Portslade branch so that they can continue selling a collection of used items, including car lamps and mirrors, to both old and new customers.