Brighton is one of the most sexually adventurous cities in Britain, according to a recent study.

Research by Cult Beauty found that the city is the second most raunchy in the UK, beaten only by Manchester.

The study, which analysed the average Google searches per month for a range of sexual activities, found that Brighton had the most searches for anal toys, love eggs and butt plugs.

Among other categories, Leeds came top for most searches for vibrators, with Manchester recording the most for roleplay and sex toys.

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Brighton, Newcastle and Leeds placed joint first for most searches for bondage.

Top ten sexually adventurous cities

  1. Manchester
  2. Brighton
  3. London
  4. Newcastle
  5. Leeds
  6. Liverpool
  7. Sheffield
  8. Birmingham
  9. Bradford
  10. York

The study also found that vibrators are the most popular sex toy in Britain, with more than 7,500 monthly searches.

A spokeswoman for Cult Beauty said: “Proving that sex sells, sex toys are taking prime position in the wellness space, with more of us than ever investing in the latest tantalising tools.

“While vibrators constantly cause a buzz across the UK, alternative sensual soulmates include anal toys, bondage, butt plugs and love eggs.”