Since its creation in 1967, Brighton Fringe has always been known to be a celebration of all things that the city represents, and this year is no different. Brighton Fringe 2024 plans to be an honouring of the arts in all their glory: from comedy to music, there is something for everyone. Via their established bursary project, they aim to help artists specifically that need it, with criteria such as supporting artists who are under 25, or groups from marginalised communities, such as LGBTQ+. This involves The Fringe partnering with local and national charities and companies to offer out various bursaries from the organisations to artists with a similar ethos. 

The primary intention of the Fringe is to advocate for the arts, offering opportunities for promoters to pick up the events. The whole premise is that anyone can participate due to the lack of booking performers and instead being approached by people wishing to put on events, which only adds to its distinctiveness. Venues are anywhere and can range from parks to theatres. Last year, it hosted over 500,000 guests, and this year, it is hoping to continue spreading this love for the arts. 

Last year, customer Mae Johnson visited Caravanserai Brighton, the newly joined venue to the repertoire of open-air sites. Initially starting at Camp Bestival, Caravanserai Brighton was taken to the city in the summer of last year, by producer Aniela Zaba and artist Pete Bateman. Mae said, ‘The space is free to enter, with food and a bar, decorated with an eccentric mix of bean bags and stools and other quirky decor. The staff were friendly and prepared to help with any issues that arose.The actual venue spaces themselves were lit with a colourful, glistening set of lights, adding to the ambience.’ 

It is due to take place from the 3rd of May to the 6th of June, and tickets go on sale on Friday the 16th of February. Last year, the average ticket price was £9.38, but with a mixture of priced and free tickets, the Fringe- and the arts it promotes so exquisitely- continues to be accessible for all.