A charity founder and advocate for disability rights has been granted a peerage.

Rosa Monckton, who is also an MBE, was nominated by the Conservatives to become a peer in the House of Lords in recognition of her “outstanding contributions to society", including setting up a charity in Brighton.

As the parent of a child with Down's syndrome – Domenica – Rosa has long been an advocate for inclusion and equal opportunities for people with special educational needs.

In 2016, Rosa founded the training and education charity Team Domenica, named after her daughter who was Princess Diana's godchild.

The charity is dedicated to supporting young adults with learning disabilities to find employment and be better included in society.

It supports more than 100 young people and working with over 60 local, regional and national businesses,

"The importance of giving people with learning disabilities the voice they need and deserve cannot be overstated," said Rosa, who will now be Baroness Monckton.

"Their perspectives and experiences are invaluable, and it is our duty to ensure they are heard and respected in every aspect of society."

"Team Domenica is a magnificent triumph, and I am proud of the impact we are having in Sussex.”