A health pilot between GPs and a leisure centre is being run for people with early signs of high blood pressure.

The programme will see 17 patients undergo education sessions and supervised physical activities as part of a 12-week pilot.

The scheme is designed to keep people healthier with the view of making it more widely available in the future.

The pilot, which is being held at Downs Leisure Centre in Seaford, has 17 patients from two GPs in the town.

Duncan Kerr, chief executive of Wave Active, said: “Wave Active and the Seaford Primary Care Network are using our collective expertise and resources to deliver interventions that encourage healthier living and address the health inequalities that lead to conditions such as coronary heart disease.


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“The programmes are carefully designed for each patient, alongside regular monitoring, and I’m delighted to report that many are already feeling and seeing benefits from taking part.

“Our GPs are brilliant and do an incredible job in Seaford, but there is undoubtedly great scope to improve and develop the way residents manage their own health and wellbeing, by employing a more integrated approach to healthcare in communities.

“This programme is not just about the health outcomes for the participants but also about the partnership adopting new and different ways of working to reduce barriers of participation and health inequalities.”

All the patients taking part in the pilot attend weekly 60-minute supervised sessions at Downs Leisure Centre incorporating educational and practical elements, both of which are focused on managing hypertension and undergo a range of tests, including cholesterol and blood pressure, at the start of the programme and at the end of the 12 weeks.

Doctor Joe Ljevar from Old School Surgery in Seaford, said: “We are delighted to be able to work in partnership with Wave Active to bring this pilot to the Seaford community.

 “The benefits of people leading more active lifestyles is well documented and, as a primary care network, in partnership with Wave Active, we hope, through interventions like this hypertensive pilot we can impact on short and long-term health gains for the Seaford community.”