A WARNING: this letter to The Argus begins with some graphic details...

I saw toilet bowls stained with dried-on poo - a toilet-brush holder half full of urine - a changing cubicle with dried vomit on the floor. These are examples I’ve experienced of the filthy state of changing rooms and toilets at Brighton’s Prince Regent centre, managed by Freedom Leisure.

I have complained repeatedly to staff, the centre manager and regional management — only to be fobbed off with management-speak reassurances that Freedom Leisure is “committed” to “delivering” a “high standard” of service and that I will see improvements. Only those improvements never materialise. Ever.


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Another bugbear is the failure to get visitors to remove outdoor shoes. This when the city’s streets are muddy and soiled by dog poo. Staff should simply remind visitors — not just rely on a notice board. In European swimming pools it’s an iron rule that all outdoor shoes be removed. Failure to do this makes Britain look second-rate.

Most of us Brightonians are perhaps too polite to complain. Or we shrug, knowing it won’t make any difference. But I’ve had enough. None of us should put up with this. A city like Brighton, the premier destination on the south coast, deserves better.

It is frankly embarrassing that this is the face of the city’s main swimming pool. I suspect that Freedom Leisure is taking its customers — and the council — for fools.

Paul David Gould Brighton