Piers Morgan has revealed what happened during the most "extraordinary meal" of his life with the late Princess Diana and Prince William.

Piers opened up about the meal in his Sun column.

He said that during the meal at Kensington Palace, a young Prince William, who was 13 at the time, cheekily asked Diana for a glass of wine.

Princess Diana had reportedly invited Piers for the lunch as he was editor of The Mirror at the time.

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The journalist, who still owns a house near Lewes, claimed that Diana spoke freely about her life during the lunch while William closely observed him.

Writing in his column for The Sun, Piers said that William asked for a glass of wine but Diana told him "no".

Piers said: "He replied: 'But Mummy, I drink it all the time', "Erm, you don’t actually, and you can’t have any." she exclaimed, nervously. "Yes, I do, and yes, I can!" he chuckled. And he then did."

The fond memory was spoken about after Piers compared the Prince of Wales to his younger brother the Duke of Sussex, who he has publicly expressed a dislike towards.