Cats are one of the most widely owned pets, alongside dogs, fish and rabbits. These animals are the subject of many online posts and videos, made popular because of their unique behaviour and adorable looks. Cats are known for having seemingly strange habits, some may be fun to watch whilst others act as an annoyance for many cat owners.


They enjoy unconventional places to sleep. It may be a box or crevice seemingly too small for them to fit in. It might be on some shoes or up high on a shelf. Depending on their personality, the cat might like to cuddle up to their favourite person or hide away where they can't be found. Cat beds are a common purchase for cat owners.

But much to the owner’s annoyance, cats sometimes reject their comfy new bed in favour of a cardboard box. Boxes can be a common place for cats to cuddle together or for one to defend it as though it were a fort.The Argus:

These animals are natural scavengers, famous for their hunting ability and resourcefulness.    They might return with something for themselves or if you share a bond with the cat it might bring you back something as a gift, this could be a toy or something living like a frog or mouse. When hungry the housecat might attempt to raid the waste bin for tasty scraps. These opportunists might beg for food or steal from counter tops when no ones looking.


Cats are immensely popular for a reason, they are adorable mischief makers with whimsical habits. Whether it means to dig through the waste bin or find seemingly uncomfortable locations to sleep, cats often ignore or act against their owner’s wishes. Their behaviour can appear unpredictable, humorous and occasionally puzzling. But these animals still remain incredibly charming and affectionate companions and their challenges may add as an additional appeal.