Average fuel prices have risen by more than 3p per litre in three weeks, new analysis shows.

The RAC said the average price of a litre of petrol increased by 3.2p from 140.0p on January 29 to 143.3p on Monday.

Diesel prices have also surged by 4.0p per litre over the same period, from 148p to 152p.

It follows a three-month downward trend in fuel prices up to mid-January.

In Brighton, petrol prices tend to hover slightly above the national average.

But some stations in the city are as much as 5p cheaper than others, meaning drivers could save nearly £2.50 at the pumps on an average fill-up.

Simon Williams, RAC fuel spokesman, said: “News that fuel prices have bottomed out and are now on the rise again is bad for drivers, and possibly the economy and future inflation rates too.

“While we’re not expecting prices to shoot up dramatically, it appears that oil is trading up, which in the absence of a stronger pound means wholesale fuel is costing more for retailers to buy in.

“The result is higher prices at the pump and more expense for the every day driver.”

The 20 cheapest petrol stations (data from comparison site Petrolprices.com for price per litre of unleaded) within five miles of Brighton are:

  1. Esso Warren Road, BN2 6BB - 143.9p
  2. Texaco Falmer Road, BN2 6ND - 143.9p
  3. Esso Lewes BN7 3JR - 143.9p
  4. Esso Brighton Road BN7 3JJ - 143.9p
  5. Asda Brighton Marina BN2 5UT - 144.7p
  6. Texaco, Hangleton Road, BN3 7LR - 144.9p
  7. Sainsbury’s West Hove BN3 7GD - 144.9p
  8. Asda Hollingbury BN1 8AS - 145.7p
  9. BP Lewes Road BN2 3QA - 145.9p
  10. Esso Ditchling Road BN1 4SG - 145.9p
  11. Esso Dyke Road BN3 6NF - 145.9p
  12. Esso Eastern Road BN2 5JJ - 145.9p
  13. Esso Station Approach BN3 3TJ - 145.9p
  14. Esso London Road BN1 8YB - 145.9p
  15. BP Mill Road BN1 8ZF - 146.9p
  16. BP Kingsway Hove BN3 4QD - 146.9p
  17. Texaco Old Shoreham Road, Portslade BN41 1SP - 146.9p
  18. BP London Road BN45 7FJ - 146.9p
  19. Shell, Preston Road, Brighton BN1 6SA - 148.9p
  20. Shell, Old Shoreham Road, Hove BN3 7BD - 148.9p