Plans to build a penthouse on the fourth floor of a Regency building have been met with criticism.

The plans, submitted in December last year, are for a fourth storey penthouse and a lift to be added to 132 Kings Road, which is an unlisted building'.

The new penthouse would have a terrace looking out at the sea, two bedrooms, a bathroom, a shower room, a kitchen and a sitting/dining area.

The plans say the penthouse would have an all-glass "contemporary" look with sliding doors so that "the glass will reflect the view to the sky".

The building currently houses a restaurant and flat on the ground floor, along with three other flats.

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It is also in the Regency Square Conservation Area which means only development plans that preserve or enhance the area's distinctive character and appearance will be allowed.

So far, there have been 11 objections, with one person calling it a "disaster".

A member of the public who works at the restaurant in the building said: "I work at 132 Kings Road and if this development gets approval I will be made redundant.

"The restaurant will not be able to stay open during the proposed construction.

"The new build will be constructed using modern materials which is not in keeping with the existing structure.

"Disaster is waiting to happen. I strongly object to this application"

Another resident said: "The proposal risks heritage harm, affects neighbours light and privacy, disrupts businesses, and has unresolved structural concerns."

One member of the public was also concerned about the impact these plans would have to the "character" of the building.

They said: "We strongly object to this planning application.

"The proposal would be detrimental to the architectural value of this building and would compromise the building's structural integrity.

"These alterations put at risk a historically important site which would cause significant harm to the character of the conservation area."

A decision is set to be made by Brighton and Hove City Council by March 15.