The daughters of a man who was punched and left dying have asked for people with crucial video evidence of the attack to come forward.

It is believed there is a video of a late-night attack on grandfather Paul Lawrence who was attacked in the street after walking home from a social club.

Mr Lawrence, 51, is believed to have died from a head injury after he was punched and fell to the ground in the early hours of January 28.

Mr Lawrence, a plumber and gas engineer, was said to have been heading back to his mother’s house in Gladonian Road, Littlehampton, where he was attacked and died.

The Argus: Paul Lawrence was attacked last month in LittlehamptonPaul Lawrence was attacked last month in Littlehampton (Image: Sussex Police)

His daughters have appealed for anyone to come forward with crucial footage of the incident and urged people to not be “scared if you know something”.

They said: “We’ve heard there is a video out there of what might have happened to dad. Whether it’s the full thing of what happened or anything.

The Argus:

“If anyone has seen it, heard of it please bring it to us. Don’t be scared if you know something just say it.

“You don’t have to fear these people, you don’t have to fear the police. They’re not coming for you they just want to help.

Watch the appeal video here:

“He deserves better than this, he needs answers and justice. Everyone loved dad, he touched everyone’s lives. Everyone has been in touch, everyone loved him so much.

“It’s harder not knowing, I just want to know. I don’t want him to just be left. There is nothing to change what happened but we can change the next outcome. It has to come to a closure. It’s too hard without it.”

A 16-year-old boy from the town was arrested on suspicion of murder but was released on bail.

Mr Lawrence’s family also told The Argus: “We ask for any information you have, no matter how small, even if you don’t now have the video but know what was on it, to please come forward, you will be dealt with 100 per cent anonymously."