Hundreds of teenagers wandered the streets as police tried to herd a group of party goers in chaotic scenes.

The large group of partiers were corralled by officers with megaphones as they flooded onto the streets following the event in Poulters Lane in Worthing.

More than 300 teens are thought to have been dispersed from the area with hundreds wandering the streets after the gathering.

Sussex Police officers tried to herd the teens using megaphones as they cleared the house on Friday night.

Neighbours described chaotic scenes as hundreds of teens were left walking the streets.


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The Argus understands that the party grew in size after the details of the gathering were posted on Facebook.

Officers made announcements for the children to disperse from patrolling vans as officers flooded the area.

A dispersal order was in place after at least 300 kids turned up for the party and the situation worsened.

Lines of police cars blocked roads near the party while shepherding teenagers away from the area.

Sussex Police have been approached for comment.