Helicopter crews and lifeboats located a vulnerable person on the beach in a late night search.

RNLI crews from Brighton and Shoreham were called to Shoreham Port on Friday night where a coastguard helicopter was searching for the vulnerable person on Friday evening.

Helicopter crews found the person and landed on the nearby beach where the person was treated by paramedics and taken to hospital.

A spokeswoman for Brighton RNLI said their crews were called to Shoreham Port near Carats Café at around 7.20pm on Friday, February 23.

The Argus: Ambulance crews at Shoreham Port on friday nightAmbulance crews at Shoreham Port on friday night (Image: Sussex News and Pictures)

Coastguard teams also assisted the search.

Helicopter teams deployed their winch to search for the person before landing nearby and giving the person treatment.

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The call marks the second time in a week that Brighton RNLI were called out after being paged to help find a person entering the water in Brighton Marina on Wednesday.


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Challenging conditions saw the coastguard helicopter and RNLI teams searching for the person at around midday.

After sea conditions deteriorated on Wednesday Brighton RNLI say the coastguard concluded the search and they were stood down.

RNLI volunteer and helm Ben Hylands said: “We launched into very challenging conditions. Working with the Coastguard we carried out a search.

“I’m proud of my crew working together as a team in what were unpredictable waves at times.”