Do you have a birthday coming up? Or a date perhaps? Or any sort of special occasion that requires food, drinks, and great vibes? Look no further because this is the best restaurant recommendation you’ll ever get. 

Close your eyes and picture this. Imagine a beautiful cosy restaurant, with stripped red-bricks walls, or perhaps faded wooden boards painted with the famous ‘Red Lobster’. Lit gently by a chandelier of vintage incandescent bulbs, there are tables of all sizes and the music of the live band completely fills the room. Immediately, you’re hit with the scent of mouthwatering barbecued meat and fragrant fruity cocktails. It’s a wholly immersive experience. 

Big Easy can provide all this and more. Take a train to Westfield Stratford, Bluewater in Dartford, Canary Wharf and a few other places for the perfect spot for a celebratory meal (and some cute photos afterwards too!).

The first thing you will encounter is the impeccable service. The waiters and waitresses are not only wonderfully nice but also very funny. And they’ll even give you a free drink on your birthday, especially chosen for you based on your favourite fruit. 

Then after drinks, the delicious starters and main courses follow. From Southern fried chicken, to loaded chips, to a platter of a ranged assortment of food, there’s something for everyone in the extensive menu of Big Easy. You might not even manage to read all of it!

The desserts were inviting also. There were donuts with chocolate sauce, or a succulent Oreo cheesecake, appetising apple crumble or sticky toffee pudding. Though slightly less choices than the other parts of the meal, chances are you’ll be too full up to think about that.
What’s more – you’ll get a free ice cream to celebrate your day!

So if you’re looking for a special treat this season, why don’t you go out to Big Easy and celebrate yourself? You deserve it!