A Sussex Conservative MP has joined more than 80 MPs in calling for a vote of no confidence in the Speaker of the House of Commons.

Sally-Ann Hart, MP for Hastings and Rye, is among 81 Conservative and SNP MPs to sign up to a motion of no confidence in Sir Lindsay Hoyle over his handling of a motion on the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Parliament descended into chaos last week when Sir Lindsay decided to allow a Labour amendment to an SNP motion on Gaza to go to a vote.

Some MPs have accused Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer of pressuring the Speaker to allow his party’s amendment to come to a vote in an effort to stave off a revolt from his own MPs on the issue.

Ms Hart said that after mulling over the events of last week, she concluded the Speaker should be held to account for his decision, which prevented the SNP from being able to vote on its own motion, and signed the early day motion (EDM) calling for a vote of no confidence.

She said: “The Labour Party’s behaviour towards other MPs, especially the SNP, and the House of Commons as an institution is unacceptable, as was pressurising the Speaker to upturn convention norms. The Speaker is a thoroughly decent man but, despite his heartfelt apology, I decided to sign the EDM today.

“The ease in which Labour and the Speaker - the former to save his party from imploding on a vote over Gaza and the latter to try and protect MPs from pro-Palestinian fanatics - changed convention in response to intimidation is very concerning.

“A message must be sent that Parliament will not be intimidated into changing rules and we must hold Labour to account on that. This must include the Speaker.”

SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn has claimed the Speaker was “obviously bullied” by the Labour leader - something both Sir Keir and the Speaker deny.

Speaking to BBC Radio Scotland, Mr Flynn claimed he Speaker “broke the rules and he’s now broken his word” after rejecting appeals for a second debate on Gaza.