Heard of Black Belt? Do you want one? Match made in heaven! Black Belt Academy is the place you need!!!


Located in Crawley, in K2! CBBA only located in Crawley - absolutely honoured - gives us an opportunity to learn many things! This includes lessons for Little Ninjas, for younger ones e.g. 3 year olds. Super Ninjas, around 5 years olds. Karate kids, 6 and up. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), for 14 and up. The list would keep going on and on, they have everything for everyone, everyone can learn age is just a number after all!


CBBA is an easy place to get to, parking no issue for most, bus services are available, and there is nothing stopping you! Self-defence is key and also it's a great time to get your stress off and release it all in self-defence! 


Maybe not everyone wants to learn self-defence, but funwise 100%! CBBA provides the best teachings and is very fun! Whether you are a young child or an adult, age doesn't matter, anyone can learn!


At CBBA they specialise in DISCIPLINE, FITNESS, LEADERSHIP, CONFIDENCE, SELF DEFENCE and much more. Each of these aspects show the quality and the things you can learn if you were to join CBBA. With the instructors fun and energetic approach you will never be short of MOTIVATION and ENTERTAINMENT all while learning LIFE CHANGING SKILLS.


If you want to experience CBBA before joining, you can book a free trial now! After going to your free trial, you will be in love and be on your way to go!