Councillors have warned someone could be killed if urgent action is not taken on a “dangerous” road where a car overturned.

Liberal Democrat councillors Kevin West and Edwina Livesey say the speed limit in Kingston Road, Lewes, must be lowered after the car overturned in Southover High Street on February 23.

The Lewes Town Council councillors say cyclists have also been knocked off their bikes in the street, between the Swan Pub and Kingston Road, and buildings have been struck by articulated lorries and tractors.

They have called for traffic calming measures to be implemented to make the area safer.

These include lowering the speed limit in Kingston Road from 40mph to 30mph.

But a spokesman from East Sussex County Council said implementing further traffic calming measures in the area would incur " considerable cost" and is "currently not a priority".

The Argus: Cllrs Livesey and West at the 20mph signCllrs Livesey and West at the 20mph sign (Image: Submitted)

Cllr West said drivers are often taken by surprise when they reach the tight bend at Southover from Kingston Road.

“Cars come down Kingston Road at 40mph and they don’t realise how tight the bend is,” he said.

“The 20mph zone starts just fifty yards from the corner and it often takes people by surprise.

The Argus: The overturned car in Southover High Street in LewesThe overturned car in Southover High Street in Lewes (Image: Submitted)

“We are calling for the speed on Kingston Road to be reduced to 30mph, the start of the 20mph zone moved to before the C7 flyover on the A27, and traffic signals and a crossing at the roundabout near the Swan. We are also backing the Safer C7 campaign which is looking to improve the safety of the C7 including Kingston Road for all road users.”

Cllr Livesey said action must be taken by East Sussex County Council to “prevent death or serious injury”.

“A busy modern road joins an historic part of Lewes that was not designed for current traffic levels and speeds,” she said.

The Argus: Cllrs West and Livesey at the crash siteCllrs West and Livesey at the crash site (Image: Submitted)

“The pavement is narrow, putting parents with children in close proximity to large lorries at one end, and at the other end, the roundabout has blind entries where road users cannot see traffic approaching. This has already led to serious injuries to a cyclist recently when he was struck by a car.

“As local councillors, we have written to Rupert Clubb, director of communities, economy and transport at East Sussex County Council demanding that action is taken to prevent death or serious injury.

“It really is time East Sussex County Council made changes to the road here to make it safe, protecting the historic fabric of Lewes and the lives of our wonderful citizens.”

An East Sussex County Council spokesman said the council has been in contact with Sussex Police about the overturned car and “appreciate” the concerns of residents.

“The county council has a finite amount of funding to develop local transport improvements, including road safety schemes and we need to ensure that we target our resources to those schemes which will be of greatest benefit to our local communities,” the spokesman said.

“A potential scheme to alter the position of the existing 20mph speed limit signs and introduce further traffic calming measures at this location has been assessed through our approved scheme prioritisation process and is not currently a priority for the county council.

“We have limited resources for road safety measures, and with the considerable cost involved in implementing measures, we have to focus these on areas where the need is greatest.

“We do appreciate the concerns of residents and recognise that there are schemes that do not meet the county council’s benchmark for funding but are important to the local community. These schemes can sometimes be funded through our Community Match initiative, which is open to parish and town councils, residents’ associations and local community groups.”