Firstly, school uniforms keep students focused on their studies instead of their appearances. If pupils had no uniform, they would spend more time deciding and worrying about what to wear rather than fixating on work and grades; whereas with a uniform, pupils know what to wear and could spend more time getting to school on time or studying.

However, if uniforms were mandatory this would be a way where every single scholar would be equal and feel included. This is because it takes away the fact that one pupil claims to be 'better' than the other. It also removes the gap in economic and social aspects as it takes away the pressure that students to have more expensive or more fashionable clothes than others. By wearing uniforms, students would not have to compete with each other.

On the other hand, removing uniforms gives pupils more opportunities to express themselves. Numerous people think pupils' personal growth depends on their ability to express their individuality and make their own decisions. Students may refuse to wear uniforms because they feel constrained and dislike being required to do so. resulting in a negative relationship with the school and everything associated with it. Things like teacher effectiveness, student engagement, and parental participation more influence student performance. School uniforms may help students feel more united and equal but won't help with attendance issues or academic performance.

Even so, some schools have found success with 'dress codes' rather than uniforms, yet the key is to balance the student's needs, safety, and requirements. I also think parents, teachers, and pupils should come together to discuss and determine what would work for their community and situation, whether it be a dress code; uniform, or no uniform.