The government must hold a general election by the 28th of January, 2025, and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has said that it will be occurring in ‘the second half of 2024’. But what's all this politics malarkey about?


As a young person in the UK, it is easy to be put off by the government. For many, it is the snot-ridden child sat opposite us on the bus; if we don't make eye contact, maybe they'll stop staring at us. The government are on their fifth Prime Minister in ten years, and so with these constant changes, many people have just chosen to stop paying attention.


Many people complain that 'everything is so political nowadays', but thats not true. Everything has always been political! Eating a snack? Approximately 46% of the UK's food is imported - in fact, costing the UK a  whopping £48 billion - which fuels economic trade links with foreign countries, thus strengthening the relationship between the governments involved. Going on the train? This is inherently tied to our government; Southern Rail is one of the leading train line companies in the UK. The concept of privatised transport is considered to be a Right-wing view, as it supports a competitive free market. Everything everywhere is political, all at once!


Much of the United Kingdom seem resolute that there will be a Labour win with Sir Keir Starmer; according to, Labour is polling at 46% as of the 22nd of February, which is over double the 20% that the Conservatives polled at. In the event that Labour do win, Downing Street will be getting real shake up.


Young people such as myself need to be clued in when it comes to what our government are doing, as we are directly impacted by actions taken by them. I read articles in creditable newspapers (such as this one, wink wink, nudge nudge), I watch PMQs, and I listen to podcasts discussing recent political events, such as Westminster Insider Podcast by Político, or Oh God, What Now? by Podcasters.


In the 2019 General Election, only 47% of people aged 18-24 voted. With the general election creeping closer, I urge my peers to look around at the UK today and think hard if this is what we want, or even what we deserve. I, for one, will be getting my opinion head.`