The family of a 98-year-old man claim he is £10,000 in credit to EDF - but the energy giant has ignored pleas to return the money for more than two months.

Eric Shier had no idea he was overpaying for his gas and electricity for his four-bed home in Haywards Heath.

The overpayments came to light when daughter Carolyn Shier, 59, became power of attorney for his affairs.

She noticed he was being billed £750 a month via direct debit based on estimated readings, but he was using no more than £150 of energy a month.

It means over three years he has racked up £10,000 worth of credit with EDF, Carolyn said.

The Argus: Carolyn Shier has been trying to sort the issue out with EDF for over two monthsCarolyn Shier has been trying to sort the issue out with EDF for over two months (Image: SWNS)

She says the overpayments were made despite her father diligently submitting meter readings four or five times a year.

Carolyn said she's been trying to get a refund from EDF for more than two months - and has been ignored or her calls were "cut off".

She's desperate to get the money back while her "frail" father is still alive.

EDF said on Thursday it was working with the Shiers and would refund any credit as soon as possible.

Carolyn, a quality assurance manager, who also lives in Haywards Heath, said: “My dad is 98 and vulnerable - he could die while this is going on.

"Eric is not online and he only used post to communicate with the company.

"He does not have central heating. There is no way they have spent that much on energy.

“Because EDF has done it on an estimated basis, the credit has built up and up.”

Carolyn says she has now been attempting to reclaim her father’s missing £10,000 for over two months.

She first called and emailed on December 19.

Carolyn then sent a detailed email to EDF with itemised points and didn't get a reply.

She said: “I still work full-time so don't have time to hold for ages on the phone.

"I rang once and was told 'everyone is in training' and the call was cut off.”

Eric is a qualified electrical engineer and he taught at a university and so can read the meter, and sent the reading to EDF.

“I have evidence that he’s sent meter readings,” said Carolyn.

“He was an electrical engineer and taught at a university.

“I’m not Grayson Perry so I can’t go on Twitter and shame them that way.”

She has now contacted the chief executive officer of EDF but the email came back as undeliverable.

When approached for comment, an EDF spokeswoman said: “We’re sorry to hear about the problems Ms Shier has been facing.

"When Ms Shier sent us the meter readings, we were missing one of the reads for the Economy 7 meter, so we’ve contacted Ms Shier to explain this and have booked an appointment, to gain both the day and night electricity meter readings.

"This should have been picked up earlier and we’re sorry it wasn’t.

"We’ll continue working with Ms Shier to get her father’s account billed up to date, refunding any credit on the account as soon as possible."