A wine bar must take down its garden extension.

Paris Wine Bar in Hove has failed in its appeal against an enforcement notice from Brighton and Hove City Council which ordered the dismantling of the structure.

An enforcement notice for the structure’s removal was issued on September 6, 2022, and said the construction contravened listed building control.

The bar, in Church Road, is Grade II listed.

In his appeal, bar owner Elvis Kiri said the hospitality industry was significantly harmed by the pandemic and the rear extension, which has a retractable roof, was the business's response in an effort to “remain viable”.

But planning inspector Alastair Phillips dismissed Mr Kiri’s appeal and upheld the listed building enforcement notice.

He said the extension was “harmful” to the character and appearance of the building.

“The extension fails to respect the traditional form of the listed terrace which is development typical of its period and along with other unsympathetic rear extensions to properties along the terrace which, I understand were built prior to listing, the development erodes the rear outrigger arrangement which is a characteristic feature that should not be lost,” he said.

“The extent of the effect of the extension which covers the entire rear yard area is particularly harmful to this established pattern of development.

“The extension represents an unsympathetic addition to the listed building and wider terrace and there is little evidence that consideration has been given to the character of the original building, in terms of overall form, scale and materials.

“It is also not clear whether any measures were taken to protect or preserve the boundary walls before the extension was added onto them.

“In addition, the materials used are unsympathetic and uncharacteristic of the sensitive historic surroundings.

“Restrictions associated with Covid 19 have been lifted and the need for the business to provide increased covered seating in a well-ventilated area is no longer a justification for the development in place. In any case, I do not consider that the benefits to the business outweigh the harm caused to the significance of the host building, wider listed terrace, or the conservation areas.”

Mr Kiri must now completely remove the timber extension and retractable roof from the rear of the property and make good any damage to the historic boundary wall.