Brighton is the least affordable area for first-time home buyers outside of London, a new study has found.

Comparisons of pay in relation to the price of houses found that the average resident must pay more than 13 times their annual salary for a property in the city.

The ratio makes Brighton and Hove the least affordable place to buy a property in the country outside of London.

Analysis of government data shows that the median salary in Brighton comes to £27,744 compared to median house prices for first-time buyers at £381,637.

The figures mean that the cost of an average priced house for first-time buyers is 13.76 times the average annual salary.


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In comparison, first time buyers in parts of Scotland only needed to pay just under four times their annual salary for a home.

Brighton and Hove ranked 12th in the country as the most expensive places for first-time house buyers with all of the areas above the city within Greater London.

A spokesman for L&C Mortgages, who commissioned the study, said: “As house prices have rapidly increased across the UK in recent years, the affordability challenges have only grown.

“Identifying regions with favourable house-to-income cost ratios shows just how regionalised affordability can be and highlights how some first-time buyers may find it easier to get on the property ladder than others.“