A musical version of 101 Dalmatians will come to Brighton this Christmas.

The new adaptation of the classic book and film will play at the Theatre Royal for three weeks as part of a nationwide tour.

The show uses puppetry to portray Pongo, Perdi and the rest of the litter.

Douglas Hodge, who produced the music and lyrics for the adaptation, said: “You mess around with 101 Dalmatians at your peril!

“We’ve left the story to be exactly what you’d expect, it’s a great and fun adventure that they go on but also has the most delicious villain in Cruella, who remains genuinely satanic and evil! There’s a whole darker element to it but a lot of fun along the way too.


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“The puppies are just delightful, and I defy anyone to come and watch it and not leave the theatre thinking ‘Shall we get another dog?’”.

The show is based on Dodie Smith’s 1956 novel and will star puppets of the dalmatian puppies and classic villain Cruella De Vil.

The story is perhaps best known through its Disney film adaptation released in 1961.

101 Dalmatians will run from Tuesday, December 17 to January 5, 2025 at the Theatre Royal in Brighton.