A new nightclub event will aim to have dancers back in bed by 9pm as it capitalises on a rising demand for daytime discos.

Day Fever will host a pop-up next month aimed at older revellers who want to dance the night away but still be home by a reasonable time.

The event, created by Line Of Duty actress Vicky McClure, will come to Brighton after its successful launch sessions drew 800 ravers.

Reverend And The Makers frontman Jon McClure, who is also involved in the event, said he felt great after the inaugural disco in Sheffield.

He said: "I felt unbelievable after dancing at the last event, I did 14,000 steps.

The Argus: Day Fever is coming to BrightonDay Fever is coming to Brighton (Image: SWNS)

"I went for a meal with my wife after the event and then went home in a taxi.

"Because it was Christmas, we could see people coming out of M&S with their shopping bags which was insane."

Day Fever sees event spaces transformed into nightclubs playing a variety of classic disco hits. But, unlike a typical nightclub, the event starts at 3pm and finishes by 8pm.

The pop-up event will now go on tour after its success and is coming to Brighton’s Horizon club, on the seafront, on Saturday, April 27.

The event was created by Line Of Duty actress Vicky and her husband Jonny Owen along with Jon, his brother Chris and their friend Jim O’Hara.


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Filmmaker Jonny said they created it for "people who are a little older" but who still want to go on a night out.

He said: "The idea had been circling around in my head for a few years but nobody took me seriously.

"It's meant to be for people who are a little bit older. When you are in your early twenties, going out at night is like an adventure but then when you get older, you realise nothing ever gets better at night.

"People will be home for 9pm. Sundays used to be a write off but now people wake up as fresh as a daisy."

Tickets for the Day Fever event in Brighton are £11.40 and on sale now.