A cafe in a converted horsebox has applied for permission to continue trading.

The Pollinator, in Forthaven, Shoreham, opened in 2021 after being granted three-year temporary planning consent by Adur District Council to operate from the owners' front garden.

The consent is due to end this summer and owners Richard and Louise Durrant are seeking permanent permission to continue.

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They opened the business during the pandemic to serve hot and cold drinks and snacks to the community.

The café, near Shoreham Fort, has employed five part-time workers and has created a "sense of community".

In a statement to the council alongside the application for permanent permission to continue trading, Louise said: "We set up our the business in 2021 out of necessity when our main income, built up from a lifetime of working in the arts, stopped due to the pandemic.

"We have now been running The Pollinator as a family business for two and a half years.

"We had hoped that the small café would attract local folks plus walkers and swimmers. It has far exceeded our expectations and has been described by many as a much-loved local service.

"During the pandemic when people were only able to gather outside, our café became an important meeting place for people to chat and share news.

"For people by themselves this social contact was very important.

"Once the pandemic was over The Pollinator maintained its role as a small community hub.

"Our ethos is to sell local produce at reasonable prices. All our food is made on Shoreham Beach or in Brighton. All our packaging is recyclable and compostable.

"We clear away at the end of each day and reset in the morning. Each morning we do a thorough litter pick of the car park which is always much needed.

"We feel we have enhanced our corner of the beach. We feel it is important to maintain the natural habitat of the beach and encourage those living and visiting to value and enjoy it.

"In the summer we are able to provide refreshments to local families and visitors, creating a warm and welcoming environment.

"Indeed one of the real joys to come from The Pollinator has been to see the number of new friendships that have been made (one reason for the name of the café).

"We would like to be able to continue to sell coffee and act as a small centre for people to gather in the years to come."

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Neighbours who live near the café, which is on wheels and not a permanent structure, have backed the attempt to become permanent.

Peter Morcom said: "As a neighbour to the land over the last three years I have witnessed the enthusiastic use of the café, both by locals on a nearly daily basis and by visiting holidaymakers.

"The site is well run and there has never been any trouble I am aware of. The café should be considered an asset for the community."

Another neighbour Derek Hanson said: "Utterly in favour - a great addition to the community."

Colin Clay, station manager of National Coastguard Shoreham, was also supportive. He said: "The café is a local community hub which is exceptionally well managed and maintained and much appreciated by all the local community while out for their walks.

"The staff are all friendly and we at NCI Shoreham fully support them in their commitment to serving the local community, whilst enjoying a very tasty cup of coffee."

A final decision is set to be made by May 1.