A bubble tea café which was urged to improve after a food hygiene officer found dirty sinks and doors which were not pest-proofed has turned around. 

Chatime in Queen's Road, Brighton, was given a one out of five food hygiene rating earlier this year when a food safety inspection also found there was no hot water in the sinks for hand washing or washing equipment.

A report from an inspection on January 10, which the council only released this week, states: "General cleaning is required under and behind equipment. 

"All sinks were dirty. These must be cleaned and maintained.

"The backfire door needs pest proofing."

The tapioca pearls used in bubble tea were stored at 36C. To be hygienic, these should be stored either above 63C or cooled below 8C. 

"These must be kept at less than 8C or at room temperature for no more than four hours," the report said. 

Now, the cafe has turned around and was given a five-out-of-five food hygiene rating on March 12.

A spokesman for Chatime, a chain which has other branches across the country, said: "We have since had an inspection and shown to have made improvements on all areas of concern."