People are upset about the potential future closure of a convenience store that has been open for over five decades.

The store, in Holmbush Way, Southwick, is currently part of a semi-detached bungalow, with three bedrooms upstairs and living quarters at the back.

However, the owner now wants to remove the store and have the property as just a house.

They said this is because the shop is "no longer being a viable business".

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Since the news broke, members of the Southwick community have expressed sadness over the news and have reminisced on their memories of the shop from over the years.

Christine Newnham, who remembers various owners of the store from over the years, said on Facebook: "We moved into Whitelot Way in 1958 and it was a shop then, as was the next-door bungalow. I remember the Challens, then the Sopps, then the Sheriff, then Jason."

Another resident, Fiona Baker, said: "My first job was working for the lovely Sopps.

"10p mix-ups were my specialty."

Vicki Ades added: "So many memories of using this shop growing up."

Customers who use the shop currently also expressed upset at the news, especially as the shop is one of the only ones in that small neighbourhood area.

Katie Scannell wrote: "Such a shame, lovely friendly family."

Kim Grinstead added: "That would be such a shame. They are lovely people."

The final decision on whether to approve the plans is set to be made by May 6.