A conman who told people he was on the books at Chelsea as a player and coach wanted to live the life of a professional footballer.

Abdul Ibraheem swindled a retired accountant out of more than £340,000 and rented an £8,000-per-month house in Potters Bar which he turned into a footballer’s style mansion.

Ibraheem, 36, had a room in the house just for his collection of trainers.

He bought a £3,000 marble kitchen island just before he was busted by police from the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit (Serocu) caught him.

The Argus: Abdul Ibraheem has been sentenced to five years and one month in jailAbdul Ibraheem has been sentenced to five years and one month in jail (Image: Sussex Police)

His wine cellar had only one bottle of rose when police arrived with a search warrant.

On Wednesday at Lewes Crown Court sitting in Brighton, Ibraheem, also known as Adam, was jailed for more than five years.

The conman blagged money from pensioner Alan Potter from West Sussex.

The 84-year-old was duped into handing more than £340,000 to Ibraheem, including £200,000 in cash collected from his home by courier.

Father-of-two Ibraheem told Mr Potter, 84, he could get back £1.8 million that Mr Potter had already lost in a fraud case in 2022.

The Argus: The £8,000-a-month home in Potters BarThe £8,000-a-month home in Potters Bar (Image: Sussex News and Pictures)

Mr Potter, a grandfather, signed over control of his bank accounts and cards to Ibraheem who used his money to pay for family holidays in Greece and first class flights to Ibiza.

After joining an exclusive private members club in Knightsbridge, Ibraheem, of Tolmers Road, Potters Bar, tried to set up a wealth management firm.

Judge Jeremy Gold KC said Ibraheem had gained Potter’s trust.

"The conclusion I draw is that you are an experienced and persuasive fraudster,” the judge said.

Nicholas Mather, prosecuting, said Ibraheem is a practised, cynical fraudster.

Mr Mather described Ibraheem as "somebody who exploits vulnerabilities due to personal or financial circumstances and uses his advantage to extract money from people in a practised and professional manner".

He said: "Knowing Mr Potter had previously been the victim of fraud, the defendant used the money extracted from Mr Potter to fund his own lavish lifestyle.

"He was not taking money to give to others”

Mr Potter described Ibraheem as well spoken and sounding like he had a university education.

In a victim statement, Mr Potter said: "I found him persuasive and believable in everything he said.

"When the full realisation of his activities and his lifestyle he was living on my money fully came home to me, I was embarrassed."

Mr Potter said he lacked confidence in his own decision making after being duped by Ibraheem.

"This money would have paid for me in my old age. I may have to sell my home," Mr Potter said.

Ibraheem, who also claimed to have played for Gillingham FC, pleaded guilty to nine counts of fraud with two more left on file.

Ibraheem was jailed for a total of 61 months.

He will serve half in custody then he will be released on licence.

Officers from the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit appealed for anybody who may have been a victim of Ibraheem to come forward.