A field of more than 500,000 tulips is set to open in Sussex soon as part of a festival at Tulleys Farm.

Tulip Fest is set to open on Friday, March 29 and will be open on weekends up until the end of April as well as some weekdays in that period.

More than 100 varieties of tulips have been planted for this which are a mixture of early bloomers, mid-season and late-season types.

On the Tulleys Farm website, it says: "Each tulip variety offers a distinct burst of colour, shape, and size, together creating a stunning, picturesque landscape.

"But these tulips are more than just a feast for the eyes. They represent the heart and soul of our 4th generation family farm. Every bulb is carefully tended to and ready for picking straight from our fields.

"As you meander through this floral haven, you're not just observing beauty, you're experiencing a taste of Holland."

Tickets for the festival are available to purchase over on the Tulleys Farm website here.

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What else is available at Tulip Fest?

At Tulip Fest, there are various things to take in including roaming musicians and 15 photo opportunity spots, including a windmill.

Elsewhere there is The Tulip Bar where you can "unwind amidst the beauty of the tulip fields" and enjoy a cocktail, beer, or a soft drink.

There will also be plenty of Dutch street food to try out which "promises an unforgettable and flavourful experience".

Tulleys adds: "Join us for "A Taste of Holland," a unique culinary experience showcasing the diverse and rich flavours of Dutch street food.

"Our carefully curated menus feature a variety of savoury snacks and gourmet delights, each reflecting the Netherlands' cultural heritage and culinary influences."

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Will Tulip Fest be on if it rains?

Tulip Fest should still be running if it rains but if it has to close because of adverse weather the organisers will let people know.

The website states: "As we are a farm, we are equipped for all weather. We will send out mass communication to our ticket holders if we do have to close due to adverse weather.

"If you do decide you would like to change your date, please log in to your account to do so or send us an email."