Burglars smashed their way into a charity shop to steal cash and clothing.

Two people threw bricks through a glass door of the Cats Protection charity shop, broke open the till and stole cash from a collection tin.

The break-in at the charity’s Seaside store in Eastbourne happened just before midnight on March 15.

A neighbour alerted police but the thieves got away before officers arrived at the shop.


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Cat Protection said its staff were shaken by the incident but rallied around to sweep up the broken glass and tidy up shelves for the shop to reopen.

The broken door had to be boarded up.

Anna Walker, shop manager, said: “Charity shops like ours work hard to raise every pound, especially in these difficult times. We are proud of our shop and we do our best to make the window displays attractive and inviting to our regular customers, so it was especially demoralising to see the damage done.  

“Although the shop has reopened, it faces large bills to repair the damage to windows, displays and stock.”

Area retail manager Richard Preece said: “For someone to target us, to steal from an animal charity and the volunteers who give up their time for a cause that means the world to them, is heartbreaking.”