Unwanted trainers will be collected from runners at Brighton Marathon in a bid to tackle the number of shoes ending up in landfill.

Estimates suggest more than three million shoes go into landfill each year.

Running shoe collection campaign Jog On’s ambition is to remove more than one million of these pairs.

Hundreds of trainers and running shoes will be collected from participants at events including the 2024 Brighton Marathon Weekend and the 2024 TCS London Marathon, both set to take place this April.

Jog On drop-off points will be available at the Brighton Marathon Weekend on April 6 and 7 in Preston Park.

All trainers donated will be sorted by the Jog On team to check they are suitable for redistribution before being sent for reuse in the UK and overseas.

Jog On works with charities that can make use of second hand shoes, with 90 per cent of donated shoes suitable for redistribution.

Any running shoes that are not suitable for re-use are disposed of at a plant where electricity is generated from incinerating the waste.

Kate Chapman, head of sustainability at London Marathon Events, which runs Brighton Marathon, said: “Jog On can give new life to pre-loved trainers and donate them to people who need them.”