A community has been left "lost for words" after flowers are being regularly stolen from gravestones.

These thefts are reported to have happened at Botolphs Cemetery, near Annington Road, in Botolphs, Steyning, with another case of this happening just last week.

Chalcraft Funeral Directors, in High Street, Steyning, informed the community on Facebook of the incident, saying that the business is "lost for words" that it has happened "yet again" to another family. 

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A spokesman for the funeral directors has since told The Argus that they are "saddened" about the regular thefts, which they say leave families in "distress".

They said: "We are saddened that we have had to turn to social media in order to highlight the regular thefts of flowers from Botolphs Cemetery.

"The distress this causes families cannot be measured and we are just lost for words."

In response to these incidents, residents have shared their own upset and anger on social media.

One person in the community said the incidents are "absolutely disgusting", with another adding that these thefts are "the lowest of the low".

Another resident said: "It happens all the time, disrespectful."

The exact number of incidents are unknown, however The Argus believes there have been multiple thefts at the cemetery over the last few months.