Around three knife crimes happen every day in Sussex, new figures show.

Statistics released in a Freedom of Information request show that nearly 3,000 knife crimes were recorded in the county in the past three years.

The figures also show that more than half of knife crimes in the region take place in just five areas of the county.

Most of the knife crimes in Sussex between November 2020 and November 2023 took place in the centre of Brighton. Over 400 knife crimes were recorded in the area in that time period.

Similarly, over 300 crimes were recorded in Crawley in the same period.

The safest area in the region with the lowest amount of knife crime was Mid Sussex, where just 98 crimes were recorded over the space of three years.

Lewes, Rother and Wealden were also considered to be the safest areas for knife crime.

In total, 2,921 knife crimes were recorded in Sussex between 2020 and 2023, according to Personal Injury Claims UK.