A motorist had to swerve around an “artillery crater” sized pothole while driving.

The “lethal” hole in Hole Street, Ashington, was said to be around eight inches deep and five feet wide.

West Sussex County Council said The Argus getting in touch was the first time the pothole had been reported to it.

The motorist, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “It was a huge, lethal great big hole. I stopped to take some pictures of it. Someone put cones out which had been hit by cars.

“I couldn’t believe how deep it was. The deepest part was the end you would drive into it. It would destroy your wheel or suspension. People have damaged their cars there, there was debris lying around the road.

The Argus: A motorist spotted a huge pothole on a country road near Ashington

“The roads are a state, they’re atrocious. I was very surprised it hadn’t been reported.”

A West Sussex County Council spokesman said: “It seems that this is the first time this pothole has been reported to us, so thank you. A highways officer will go to the site and repair works will be scheduled as soon as possible.”

The council added that it has seen more extreme weather events resulting in heat-damaged roads, wide-scale flooding, wind damage and an increase in the number of potholes being reported.