Posters satirising Laurence Fox, Jeremy Hunt, Jeremy Clarkson and other controversial figures have appeared across Brighton and Hove.

The colourful, larger than life posters are part of an artistic campaign. The group behind them has urged people to stop “seeing these people as gods” and urging artists to “take a more political stance”.

The Argus: Laurence FoxLaurence Fox (Image: The Argus)

Others featured in the posters include politicians such as Tony Blair, Suella Braverman and Lee Anderson.

Richard Murdoch and John Major also appear.

The posters have been put up on vacant business units across the city including in North Street, Queen’s Road and Western Road.

They were designed by the Pattern Up group in a campaign called “The Wasteman Project” and are in the style of Brighton artist The Postman.

The Argus: Jeremy Hunt in North StreetJeremy Hunt in North Street (Image: Politzonfilm)

In a social media post a spokesman for Pattern Up said: “Seeing these people as gods and idolising these people is taking away from your identity and self-worth.

“We also urge artists to take a more political stance. Being creative is a great privilege and those who have the platform to show their creativity have a responsibility.”

Many of the posters have already been cleaned away.