Flats at a new seafront development on the A259 are now on the market for over £620,000.

The properties, in Kingsway, Hove, are a mixture of 33 two and three-bedroom homes.

The cheapest unit currently available is a two-bedroom flat for £625,000, while the most expensive is priced at £1,250,000.

Developer Cayuga Homes says the luxury apartments all come with sea views and outdoor space.

This includes patio garden areas for the ground floor flats and private balconies for homes on the higher levels.

Some of the flats come with two balconies.

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The homes are said to have been inspired by Scandinavian styles which include light colours and wood finishes in the kitchens and bathrooms.

The Argus: The flats are a mix of two and three-bedroom homes

A spokesman for the development said: "Argentum takes its direction from the Japandi style, bringing the best from two different sides of the globe to one calming fusion.

"The Scandinavian style brings simplicity through the lines of architecture and cosy, uncluttered decor, whilst the Japanese style is all about calming, elegant minimalism using natural materials.

The Argus: The flats all cost over £600,000 to buy

"Argentum has been designed to create a peaceful and warm environment with a minimalist layout, as can be seen by the inclusion of the world’s smallest heat and smoke detectors, a delightful mix of the elegant and the every day."

The seven-storey development also said it has built curved balconies to reflect "the gentle curves of the sea waves".

The show home is currently open for prospective buyers four days a week from Wednesdays to Saturdays.

The Argus: Each of the homes has a sea view

Viewing times run from 10am until 4pm, with people who have booked appointments having priority.

The properties are being sold by estate agents Foster and Co, and Oakley.

The development is the second one by Cayuga in Hove over the last few years.

The Argus: The bathrooms have wood finishes

The company has another seafront development on Kingsway called Aurum, which is made up of 52 flats.

These homes, which all have bright gold balconies and sea views, have all been sold since their completion.

The developer is now set to start work on a new seafront development in Shoreham.