Residents are debating whether a beach should be converted to sand only.

People have been suggesting Brighton's famous pebble beach should be transformed into one similar to Camber Sands.

The debate began on the Brighton People Facebook group after one resident said the lack of sand on the beach was "the only thing" missing in the city.

The post stirred over 300 comments from residents who frequently visit the coastal hotspot.

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One resident Jax Atkins said: "Pebbles are far better than sand.

"They don't get onto your food, into your drink, in your clothes, hair, face."

Another person living in the city, Paul Bocker, said: "Brightonians know and are used to our pebbles, if you don't like it go to Camber Sands.

"Millions of people have enjoyed our beach and city, enjoy what you have, don't try to change it - great beaches and promenade."

Another person who argued against the idea of a sand-only beach was Katia Guseva, who said: "The sand is already there under all these pebbles, but the pebbles are there for a reason."

Alan Kings added: "Pebble beaches are rare in the world of beaches. I like it, if you don't just move to somewhere where there are sandy beaches."

However some people agreed that the beach would be better if the pebbles, which act as a coastal defence, were removed.

Dominic Leslie said: "Brighton beach is awful. I was born in a seaside town with sand so the pebbles are a bit of a downgrade."

Another resident, Debs Mcvickers, said: "I'm disabled and find it so difficult to walk on the pebbles, I'd love it if there was 'some' sand, great idea."

Despite being a famous pebble beach, Brighton does have sandy spots, usually spotted during low tides.

Some beaches that are just sand in Sussex include the Witterings, near Chichester, and Camber Sands, near Rye.

Despite the disagreement over the pebbles, Brighton remains one of the top beach destinations in the UK.